A Guest Post by Jennifer



Ok peeps, be my Dr. Phil for a few minutes…I’m struggling over here.

One of the joys of my life is exercise.  Yes, it took me a while, but believe me, I have MORE than fully embraced my inner athlete.  And that’s my problem.  I am “overdone.

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Ten Years Ago Today

celebrating 10 yearsApril 9, 2005 was my first Weight Watchers Meeting.  Well, technically that’s not true.  I joined WW briefly as a teenager, when my mother was a member, then again about 25 years ago when we first moved to Connecticut (I needed to lose 10 pounds then).  But 10 years ago was when I joined, stayed, made it to goal and Lifetime and never looked back.

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Happy Eastover



At least that’s what we celebrate at my house. I love the years when the holidays overlap, so I can do a combo celebration for the family. It’s probably way more socially acceptable (or should I say “kosher”) to serve brisket and kugel for Easter than it would be to serve Ham for Passover, so that’s the plan.

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