Annual Super Bowl Post

SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!
Here we are again… just days away from Super Bowl Sunday.  This is the fourth annual posting of my Super Bowl post (the closest I’ve had to a post “going viral”).  This year, I really should have some interest in the game.  After all, I live in New England, and I used to live in Seattle, but alas, I still haven’t progressed much since I originally wrote my “comparison” over 25 years ago.

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I’m Ready for my Close-Up Mr. DeMille

sunset blvd


Earlier this week, my water-aerobics instructor led the class in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” to one of the members.  She was celebrating her 90th birthday!  That’s right… NINE OH.  Turning 90 is quite an accomplishment, but turning 90 in a red bathing suit, in a Cardio Splash class with full makeup and lipstick is cause to celebrate.  She reminds me of Nora Desmond in Sunset Boulevard (in a good way).

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A Roadmap to Weight Loss Success



Here we are… three weeks into the New Year.  If you were like millions of others who made a resolution to lose weight this year,  you’re also probably among the large percentage of those who are struggling with that commitment right about now.

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