Weight Watchers Two Years Later

two years


This week marks two years since I bid farewell to my Weight Watchers meetings and members and left the company.  Many of my leader friends told me that they feared leaving because they thought they’d lose their focus and re-gain their weight.  It’s a legitimate concern because I found that being a WW Leader was the ultimate accountability.  I’m happy to say that I am still within 5 pounds of when I left, and still at goal and a free Lifetime member.

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Curiosity Killed the Cat

A Guest Post From Jennifer 


Ya’ll know I’m one of the WW faithful, right?  I mean, seriously, who can argue with 85 pounds gone?  With a sustainable way to incorporate all kinds of food into everyday living?  With amazing health and fitness benefits (not to mention the “I’m adorbs” factor)?  Not me peeps, not me!

But (pretend I’m lowering my voice now)…I look.  Yes. Yes I do.  The health and fitness machine keeps on turning, and ohhhhh my eyes and ears are burning.  Flat belly in 2 weeks.  Eat these 5 foods to live forever.  DON’T eat these 5 foods or else.  You should be fasting NOW.  Clean eating is where it’s at.  New best arm workout.  Jillian says do this ONE thing.  Latest Harvard research says food is actually bad for you and should be avoided at all costs.

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