Annual Thanksgiving Poem

‘Twas the day before Thanksgiving
And all through the land
Mixers were running
Both electric and hand

Turkeys and pumpkins and carrots that day
Were being prepared in new lighter ways
New recipes and helpful tips abound
So this Thanksgiving we won’t end up more round

Herbed Wild Rice & Quinoa Stuffing*

Wild Rice and Quinoa Stuffing


Trying to make Thanksgiving dinner while adhering to the Clean Program, I looked for recipes to accompany the free-range, organic Turkey.  I’ll serve the usual fare for others (mashed potatoes, my Apricot Grand Marnier stuffing and Sweet Potato soufflé.  I found this stuffing that we can have (and anyone else who would like to try it).  Lots of roasted vegetables, and my fresh cranberry relish and we’ll be all set.

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Fat Shaming is NOT Okay

fat shaming

It probably comes as no surprise that I receive and read many articles on weight, weight loss and fitness.  There were two media pieces recently that infuriated me.  I was going to let the first one pass without comment until I saw this last one.  So bear with me as I get up on my soapbox.

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